Thank God, we do not need to look for a miracle somewhere far away, distant mountains and seas. The miracle we have in Russia, and particularly in the two cities: in Zelenograd and in Zvenigorod. Previously, it was possible to go to the holiday park Kolomenskoye Museum in Moscow and near the Assumption Cathedral to listen Zhikhareva Alexander Ivanovich, his wife Tatiana and his other fellow musicians. There on Saturdays and Sundays, and summer and winter, a few ringers self-taught wove garlands majestic and grandiose sounds using completely original, unique belfry of the plate bronze bells. Since 2014. these folk concerts in Kolomenskoye discontinued, now you can sometimes hear Zhikhareva near Savvino Storozhevsky Monastery near Zvenigorod (subscribe to our channel:


When I first heard the powerful, joyful sounds involuntarily freezes. Many can not even keep from crying – so high shock heard. Heart unconditionally accepts what is happening – it’s his own, native, Russian … Until now silent in the depths of nothingness, but now discovered and shown by Alexander Ivanovich Zhikharev, the creator of the miracle of the belfry and the chief bell ringer.

These sounds help to believe in the reality of Russia’s revival, in fact, feel that revival – has already begun, this is it!

These new sounds surprisingly clean and consonant, joyful. Of course, using a tool that was created by Alexander, you can execute and sad melodies. But their grief is still light, it felt a glimmer of hope and a future joy.

In the disclosure of this secret Zhiharev Alexander spent nearly a quarter century. And now he has equipped his “beaters,” I have many stakeholders and enthusiasts.


Once in the sound field of the beat, particularly large, low-frequency whole body feels as you envelops and permeates the sound. Since this is highly consonant sound, harmonious, the physical sensation – very pleasant, almost blissful. All dirt, pressure, stress inside the dissolved and washed. Many listeners say about marked improvement in well-being, even the healing of serious illnesses. And almost all say that there is a noticeable increase in vitality, there is a desire and ability to cope with difficulties and challenges.

Big beat sound after hitting on them for a few minutes! Alexander Zhiharev says that you can hit the Bilu special hammer, and then put the kettle, boil it, make tea, drink a glass – and beat everything will continue to sound and sound! Similarly, the property does not have any of the musical instruments in the world.

Structurally, the Belfry is a large wooden frame on which are hung flat bronze plate of rectangular shape. These plates range in size from a few centimeters up to a meter and a rope hanging on soft suspensions, and sometimes strong winds make them collide and play amazing music. both are commonly used three to four belfry with beaters of different caliber, which can play a few ringers, creating an amazing and grandiose work.

The beauty of these sounds so corresponds to the divine forms standing next Ascension temple that these two amazing cultural phenomenon – the architectural and musical, have merged and become inseparable, so we used the title of our site photo Ascension temple of Kolomna.


Alexander Zhiharev with his beaters has visited many countries, even reached India. And everywhere he produced a sensation – because until now these sounds the world did not know. Psychotherapists from Switzerland and Germany began to actively acquire beat for healing purposes.

Alexander Ivanovich- taught in every sense of the word, he has no musical or technical education. By profession he is a driver. However, seized him in his youth a passion for finding a clean and powerful sound was so strong that he taught himself many books on musical acoustics and bell-case. And even within a decade he cast a bell. But their sound was not satisfied, and Alexander continued his search.

Somehow by itself he learned the traditional ringing of bells, and now not only surprised the audience he created amazing belfry, but also playing the bells. Often Alexander to their “musical” days (Saturday and Sunday) climbs to the belfry, bell composition plays there, and then coming down to your favorite Balaam, and begin to float above the ground sweet sounds of rebirth of Russia …

Alexander expected and experienced a variety of forms of metallic sound emitters. And in the end, it was visited by inspiration, and he saw that the sturdy flat rectangular shape – this is exactly what we need. He called it the sound icon – because the aspect ratio of its sides it looks like the perfect beat the icon.

Usually in such plates, as in the acoustic resonators are excited by four or five forms of sound vibrations, which their frequencies surprisingly favorably relate to each other, are consonant – in contrast to the western plate bells, the shape of which gives rise to a number of audio forms, partly dissonant with each other and giving a sad and disturbing, septakkordnoe sound.

In fact, it was created a new musical instrument – based on the original principles of having a new expressive sound for which have created their own musical compositions.

Alexander also invented a new method of securing the bronze plates. It hangs from the two points where the acoustic standing wave minima, resulting in almost no sound is damped – sounding plate for several minutes.

It uses special hammers, which, depending on how the strike can bring a totally different kinds of sounds.

Bill can be made of bronze, but you can make them out of stone and even wood! They all have their own, unique sound, amazingly beautiful and majestic.

Bronze is good for the streets and for the tree house.

Finally, Alexander told us that already manufactured and tested specific beat, the sound of which is indistinguishable from a flock of birds singing.


Perhaps this harmony zhiharevskih beat and determine their healing properties. Alexander told us that one day came to him sentenced medics person – his name is Gennady P., he lives in Moscow. The diagnosis – a cancer of the stomach. He spent a whole day next to the belfry, trying to get together and meet his fate with courage. Perhaps he managed to change his mind about many things during the day …

By the evening it became much vomiting, rose

temperature. The next day, Gennady again went to the doctor for further research, and those with astonishment stated that the tumor had disappeared!

Many report that after listening to music, played on bilah passes runny nose or flu comes calm, tranquility.

You can often see as a bell ringer suited aggressive crowd of youngsters, excessively excited at some time of their aggression subsides.

That people – the birds feel the grace that goes out of his hand bell ringers! Alexander says that with the first blow struck silent and soon fly away crows. Singing the birds, on the contrary, they are pulled from all sides and begin to sing.

According to Alexander and his assistants during the performance of musical compositions on bilah, jackdaws flocks often fly circles – just above the belfry.

Often they come – swarms – stray dogs, and lay down on the grass. They lie, it is the music, and then reluctantly go.

One day they came and stood beside a long two belfries raspryazhёnnye horses – they had recently rolled tourists.

It is also noticed that if you place a belfry in the apiary, bees during the swarming never fly away from the site. It seems that for them proximity to the beaters is very favorable.

And only once in ten years, Alexander has met with a clear rejection of his instrument. To him came two elderly, very excited women, they literally shook and outraged. Alexander did not get distracted by them, and in a minute they quickly withdrew.

More we were told that marked a clear influence on the belfry climatic events. For example, on 17 December 2007, in the winter (!), During the execution of a musical composition, a big rainbow appeared in the clear sky. At other times, dozens of times observed how, during the music ordinances performed on the bilah, the clouds parted, there is blue sky, and the rain stopped.

This suggests that the harmony and

pursuing it inherent in the whole of nature in general – into a living, and one that seems inanimate.

That’s because the creators are not translated in Russia! Nothing prevented Alexander – or indifference of the Soviet era, Yeltsin no lack of money. Thank God, Alexander is not alone. It is surrounded by many unselfish helpers, whom he asked to be sure to mention in this article. It Tatyana- his wife, Victor Danilevich Vladimir Sautin, Vladislav Yakupov, Dmitry Orlov, Gennady Kharlamov, Maria Miroshin.

Now came a new hope, but together with them new problems.

Bill began to forge. And it may be forged competently – Alexander is not a pity. And that’s just cut a piece of bronze and hung in the belfry – he memorized as a piece of rail. As a result, such an idea is compromised! And not even the idea of ​​a pity, and that many people have not heard of this divine sound, satisfied pathetic fake.

Dragged many businessmen from abroad. As if we did not have some time to buy zhiharevskie beat from somewhere in Germany or France, under the name “European real bells.”

However, Europe is not the first time borrowed from Russia. Russian emigration of the last century brought Europe and America, the cultural and economic recovery, and we have lost the very color of the nation, alas, we are to blame for their losses …

And now mocking Europe that has lost memory, graciously offers us help to raise the level of our culture … However, the memory from Europe to that from which it takes the cultural and scientific achievements, has always been a short – but nevertheless it is worth remembering that the Romans, in the end, did the Etruscans, to teach them irrigation, metal processing, cultivation of olives and even build Rome …

So we decided to ask Alexander how he sees the future of their offspring, and what are his dreams.

First of all, I said Alexander, beat must find his own way in the music community, religious organizations, even in every family. Coming into contact with the amazing sounds of every day, it is possible to carry out the best possible prevention of physical and mental health, to feel and to keep the atmosphere of happiness and joy. These sounds are actually reborn and renewed.

More is at Alexander’s dream to create in Russia Acoustic Theatre, a sound Palace, where people could be charged with energy, vigor and health. This palace, the temple of science and art at the same time, could become another decoration of our capital.

Alexander’s wish fulfillment of his hopes and dreams! And we wish ourselves that we had plenty of Aleksandrov – talented, stubborn, inflexible. These people have always been famous for Russia. And if we want to create a real, strong power, we must try to unite these people, and to direct their efforts toward a common goal, to help them in all possible ways.

Where are you, the patrons of the Russian land, here is the deal for you!

And another thought: because we opened one more way to help unite all Russians – we can help them to unite in a magical sound Belfry Happiness, physically feel the unity and uniqueness of our nation! In our cities – in the squares, in large halls, in parks – could sound the magical, joyful, life-giving sounds … Here is another side, which Russia could show off to the rest of the world, once again showing how the world really undertake talents, new ideas and radically new technology …

(basic text Sergey Gladkov, ed. A.Lozovogo)