The musical sound of a vibrating plate or a bell can be different in its acoustic properties and used as a component of therapeutic treatment as well as psychological correction. The impact is both the state of mind of the listener through his hearing aid and the brain, as well as directly on the physical body of man, since sound vibrations bells distributed in the air cause vibrations of the appropriate frequency in the liquid environment of the human body and transmitted to the internal organs and bone tissue. The main feature of the beat in Class Percussion idiophones, that is a musical instrument with a self-sounding body is to help in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases such as neurotic disorders, hypertension, peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma and others. At the close picked up by sounding plate felt “warming “the effect of vibration, which is particularly enhanced by use of 8mm thick plates. and more. sound wave propagates in a direction orthogonal to the plane, so it is convenient enough to design acoustic-therapeutic treatments.

Also, fine tuning plate allows the design to create a binaural sound effects with different frequency step.