Our nervous system, with all the activity from time to time experiencing the ups and downs. For example, due to different kinds of stresses and surge just after the day’s work. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to awaken the nervous system and maintain.
Sound Home Bill allows, without leaving the apartment to relax and gather your thoughts and perk. Without resorting to expensive, newfangled means as relaxing massage and spa salons.

With Home Bill can teach a child to play simple melodies. The child learns the notes plus useful vibrations from Bill, a beneficial impact on the growing organism. The entire family learn to play the Biel fun and most importantly, useful.

One of the most successful tool options Belfry beat (we call bilofonom tool) can be small belfry for home use – see “action”, its application can be seen in the video section or direct link.

In the combined version with the third and fourth octaves 4-5mm thick plates can be a great tool for performing a concert at the closed and outdoors.

For more information about options for hitting the home invite section: “classic, everyday ..”