Tatyana Anatol’evna, methodology center of Charity fund “Adelie”: Hello, Andrey, thank you very much.

We’ve already seen all your belfries, floor bass bell, disks on a base (we already have one) and even tried a soundings of the bells in Kolomenskoe. We’ve heard it for a first time in 2014. But we didn’t have spaces for teaching children at the time. Last week we’ve bought two disks of Alexander Zhicharev’s music and now we have it playing through speakers in a rehabilitation time. Amazing, even an electronic sound have a positive effect on a children’s recovery. At Friday, February 19th, our charge, 3-years old Artyom (diagnosed with ICP), at music courses was first listening for bell chime for a long time and then began to scratch his right ear with his finger and then suddenly opened his palm and started to beat the drum with it against the table. Until then, it was impossible to release his fingers, always clutched into a fist. We firmly believe that Alexander Zhicharev’s bells have a curative effect and, the moment we’ll have our belfries, we, together with a medical diagnostic center “Nevromed”, are going to conduct a joined effort to create a statistic of clinical diagnostics data and monitoring of the dynamics of the results received from conducting musical therapy sessions using your bells.

So, we now live in a dream and a great hope for them to make it to us as soon as possible.

Since most of our children have been diagnosed with ICP, the majority of them have trouble with high-pitched sounds perception. We believe that the most acceptable belfries for us will be: first-accented octave and twice-accented (high range), maybe three notes from a minor octave mi-sol-si and of course a big floor bass bell (big plate). I myself tried and felt its cosmic sound wave, piercing an entire body.

Of course, if we would have enough money or somebody will lend us a hand financially, we would very much like to have all the belfry octaves. It may be possible that every patient has his own range of sounds.

But now we know for sure that your bells are WONDER. We’re awaiting them as we would manna.




Hello, Andrey and Alexander Ivanovich. Thank you a great deal for everything you’ve done for us and our kids. Finally, our dream is fulfilled!

We’re very very grateful. Very. What a joy! Thank you!

Tatiana Anatol’evna, Charity fund “Adelie”


Alexander Ivanovich, you’ve performed a miracle – you’ve let us hear the music of the soul that beckons us to unknown horizons, giving flight to heart and mind. May the call from deep inside of your soul awaken people’s souls and call them to a noble and joyful joined creation. May you, your music and your path be clear and whole and thank you for your indefatigableness.

To fine bell-ringers of “Svetolitie”.

Playing your magical belfry, you’ve revealed to us a glimpse of what awaits us behind the gates of the paradise, when our earthly path is at an end. Pain and suffering passes away, sounds and voices go quiet, and only uls and call them to a noble and joyful joined creation. the celestial sounds carry the soul to the heaven.

Nikolay Pereyaslov, a member of a Russia’s Writer’s Union


Onboard “Svyatoy Knyaz Vladimir”, cross-bearing procession, July 9th, 1999.

June 10th, 1999 Anno Domini

The mellow chime, the beautiful Easter chime. This chime of a bright holiday we Cheboksarians heard from a cross-bearing procession ship. Let this chime carry to every Christian good tidings of consecration of waters in Volga, Dnepr and Western Dvina, and let everyone keep in his heart this chime that sings of enduring purity of an Orthodox faith. The purity of an Orthodox faith is a foundation of life on Earth, foundation of well-being of all peoples and unity of our Motherland. Best wishes to you and may the God assist you.

Archpriest Mikhail Ivanov, city of Cheboksary.


“And Sergiy rang his flat bell…” – I read in a “Hagiography of Sergiy Radonezhskiy”, written in 1417-1418 by Epiphaniy Premudriy, Sergiy’s disciple. “And a flat bell is kept by an angel’s teachings…” – echoes from times even more distant (XII century). From flat bells to traditional ones, and then, from century to century, a united, harmonized sound – that is the way of Rus’ – Russia’s bell chime evolution until the 1917. Silenced along with traditional bells in 30-s, they would be forgotten forever, if not for one – just one! – craftsman who walked the path, making a full circle – from bells to flat bells – and brought them back to life, renewed beyond recognition. And again, like in ancient times, they sing their song along with traditional bells.

In this simple form…

To a master of the singing bronze, Alexander Ivanovich Zhicharev.

In a rigid form of icon the bell’s bronze lies,

and the sounding of metal – a wordless prayer.

In it – the Mysteries and Dreams of worlds unrevealed,

and a shining of worlds born of light.

It’s as speeches sublime of wise prophets became a ringing copper

and laid down in bronze,

and – wave after wave – from bell’s plates awash the Earth’s tired body.

Or the Angels of Light in their triumphant chant did suddenly – like wonder!

–catch this very rhythm. It’s by their teachings, answering the heavens,

rang Sergiy his ancient flat bells time and again.

In this simple form – a rigid form of icon

– all the Earth’s prayers with a Song of Heavens interlocked.

“Do love each other” – flows to a heart from the bronze,

and the Life does return to its course.

To Alexander Ivanovich – Maria, along with an echo of a chime and a Christmas Eve’s snowfall – from the walls of a Church of Ascension in Kolomenskoe, with wishes of the best gifts of life.


To A. Zhicharev, bell master.

A free brownie, floating and flowing, a call of chime under the heaven’s thickets, in the springs of forbidden gardens. Could a chime – this chime? – this moan – be born from Adam and Eve, like a tree of life branching freely by unison with their love. And the lashes of dawn ascend in a first day, chasing first note – “yes” is blazing already, ascends a corvette, trills “there will be my light” and Creator holds still, not knowing what will flow in answer, what is ripening in the dark, in an unfathomable sound of “dawn”… Adam and Eve’s dream? Chimes of bronze? A wing? A ship, charmed with mystery? A singing brownie in borderless reaches, casting his first bell in the quenched belly of the Earth – and the dawn is blooming, kissed all over by a mystery of callings, moans and chimes of eternal – blessed – blissful love.


Thank you for a minute of touching the paradise.

You play beautifully, I am speechless.

From the first notes… ethnic… like a magic wonder. Thanks!

I wish I could know more about your work. These sounds are simply magical. Please call me after noon.

This music is very (truly).

Keep bringing it to the people.

To Alexander Zhicharev and his brethren in the craft

Applause would be inappropriate, for the sound is celestial in a silence, in the silence of Kolomenskoe manor. For the bell-ringers herald peace, a peace between God and the people, the people who survived against the odds, against invasions of khans and Batiys. It should’ve lived, but there’s no strength, no strength that was called a rat’, where all stood as one. There’s no union now, no rat’, just bell-ringers herald peace.


Andrey, Kaliningrad. I am not a professional musician. I’ve got some skill with guitar. I just liked the sound of these plates and thought that it probably would be nice to install them on a temple’s territory, so, if only at weekends and holidays, people could hear them ring and calm down a bit (and could ring them themselves for a little).

So I thought of a small belfry and a couple of good basses. It’s not very noisy place we’ve got here, maybe this definition will do (in a quiet yard – on a small square). So I would want to know at least an approximate price – is there any sense in saving money for it or not. And is a delivery to Kaliningrad region possible.

Because if I would purchase something, even if not a lot, I would want it to be of good quality and beneficial to health.


Victor: Thank you, me and my wife too liked those concerts at summer, I would want, if possible, to get to Alexander Ivanovich and his spouse’s concert, I’ve been to their home, heard her playing their belfry, gave them my flat bells for repair and, after the recovery and before ordering, I would like to travel alongside the volunteers to orphanages, to perform and to give children an opportunity to play themselves, we were at the Christmas celebrations and children liked making the cacophony, they made it sound beautiful, even while using all the hands they had, and so after making these trips we can post an article with photoreport on the site, the very uncovering of nature’s energies would happen in spring, so for this I wish us a guarding circle above the head and to prepare a Joy’s holiday, write to me when you’re going to have an event, I’ll try to get there, and aside from that, I’ve been thinking about devising a ringing mechanism for a light belfry, because I’ve seen an A.I.’s belfry in a church and it had powerful devices for thick flat bells, but for light ones another mechanism is needed, I’ve got it in my head, all that’s left is to make a prototype for later adjustments and make it happen, best wishes, until we meet again.


Greetings to you, Alexander! Writing to you is a photographer from Saint-Petersburg, Anatoliy Sokolov. I’m mostly occupied by night light-writing, genre sketches of a life on Russia’s reaches, including our own many centuries old Slavic culture. For several years I’ve been taking photos of a unique place on a lake Vuoksa (Leningrad region), where, amidst the water surface, on a tiny rock island stands the temple of Andrey Pervozvanniy. Now the photo series is complete. And so, I’ve created a final video from the best photos with your enchanting chimes and Eduard Artem’ev’s music in a second volume. There’s no commerce here, I hope you have nothing against it. Here’s a link to a video https://vimeo.com/svetovlad. You can learn about my work at my site https://krakatun.com . I wish you well, Alexander Ivanovich. If you need some pictures taken, I’ll always help however I can.