B "Domisol"

Bilophone “Domisol”

We have developed and have a special offer – a musical instrument , Bilophone (i) “DoMiSol”

It is good for playing at home, indoors and outdoors, at secondary or music schools, in kindergartens, in educational and recreational places for people of any age and religion.
The sound of this instrument is like that of a traditional bell with a difference – sound attack is softer, the sound is more lingering, more melodic than from church bells.
This compact starting set allows people  learn how to play a new instrument, which was created in 90-s of the last age has great perspectives in future.

“DoMiSol” bilophone is a belfry of ten flat bells, each of them represents the  following notes:

  • “do” of one-, two-, three- four- line octaves;
  • “re” of three- line octave;
  • “mi’ of two-, three- and four- line octaves;
  • “sol” of twoo- and three- line octaves.

This note set gives an euphony even if someone with absolutely no training plays it.

At the same time, it allows you to hear the same notes from 4 (!) octaves, to understand their differences and similarities. The bilophone could grow according to your developing skills and your growing musical demands. To master difficult compositions you can always buy missing notes, either one by one or in sets, for set orders you will retain a discount (30%) from the current price-list.

If you have little children, this belfry will allow them to make a joyful acquaintance to a world of harmonic sounds – because, no matter in which order they will hit the plates – flat bells – of this belfry, you will always hear a comfortable euphonic sound.

Hearing is one of the primary perception senses that a human develops while in a mother’s womb. It has been proven a while ago that a harmonized music has a beneficial influence on pregnant women, on a baby’s development and then during all the course of maturing – on newborns, toddlers, adults and elderly…

As experience shows, children enjoy their venture into a world of sounds and try to extract those sounds from everything they can lay their hands on. This could be striking a radiator, noise of water pouring from a faucet, a toy car, an electronic gadget, a drawers section…

It would be helpful if sounds kids create by their chaotic attempts at comprehending the world were systematic, filled with a bright energy of creation and carried within them peace, love and harmony. With such an instrument you will enjoy a harmonic chaos of sounds your children conjure.

You shouldn’t think that we offer you a toy, for this instrument can grow with your children literally from the moment of their birth, accompany their maturing, greet an arrival of their grandchildren and so on, because the time of their service isn’t restricted by time, they don’t require any care. From the start you acquire a set of professionally tuned flat bells (notes), which could at any moment be supplemented by just as professional flat bells, if your children develop a deeper interest for music, or you can put the instrument in drawers or on a shelf if that interest flickers. Packed, flat bells will take no more space on a shelf than a couple of H.C. Andersen’s fairytales books.

We recommend to obtain and playing the instrument to pregnant women, for it will bring them calmness and harmonize both space around and also that developing inside them.

The instrument will allow your children to grow stronger physically, for it helps develop coordination and motor function, reinforces muscles, especially shoulders and forearms, legs and spine and recommended for all children, starting even from the first days of crawling, when they can stand firmly on three pivot points and, leaning on one hand, hold a gavel in the other and strike a plate.

“Domisol” bilophone will also be helpful in kindergartens, schools, special psycho-correctional institutions and also for those suffering from ICP.

“Domisol” bilophone’s technical characteristics:

Note Weight (not more than) Plate thickness:

Pitch Weight in kilo (max) Thikness of a plate (mm)
с1 / do 1,5 3
c2 / do 1 3
e2 / mi 0,9 3
g2 / sol 0,8 3
c3 / do 1,06 5
d3 / re 0,94 5
e3 / mi 0,84 5
g3 / sol 0,71 5
c4 / do 0,53 5
e4 / mi 0,42 5


A frame made from chrome-covered pipes, strings, a pair of gavels.

Cost : 1385 Euro

(i) A metallophone with large flat bells.