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Flat Bells
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  • Dear Brothers and Sisters! This is an official website of an inventor of flat bells (BILAs), a musician and an orthodox christian Alexander Zhikharev
  • Lacking space, have a weak belfry, can’t afford a large bell ?
    – order from us a bass flat bell to make your toll.
  • Flat bells belfry – a joy for kids!
  • Bronze and brass flat bells – a great addition to your church bells.
  • A flat bell, bells, a belfry – it’s affordable!
    Give your home an ageless instrument which your offspring
    will pass to generations to come.
  • New: pink tinted bronze flat bells. For details see “classic” catalogue entry.
  • “Zhikharev’s flat bells (bilo, bilas)”, “Kolomenskoe bilas”, “Singing bronze”, “Bilophone” are our trademarks.
    Buy genuine flat bells (bilas) from us.
  • “Bilophone” – an exquisite decoration of your space.
  • Zhikharev flat bells - a sound you will “drink” with everlasting delight.
  • You can’t buy health, but you can buy bilas for your health.
  • Playing flat bells develop you both: spiritually as well as physically.
    Try to play outdoors!
  • Kolomenskoe bilas you can hear life in Zvenigorod town,
    near the walls of Savvino-Storozhevskiy monastery.
  • A well-played belfry calms nerves and creates a harmony.
    Zhikharev’s bilas create the mellow chime!
  • You can invite our bell ringers at your official events.
  • The Bell ringing looks like Earth talking to Heavens,
    bilas ringing looks like Heavens talking to Earth.
  • Zhikharev’s flat bells is an opportunity for both street artists and professionals.
  • Start improvising on Bilophone and your hands will start playing on their own.
  • Bila Zhikhareva is an investment which gains its value every year
Special offer
Large flat bell
Previous price 10 000 Eur.
New price 6 923 Eur.

Temple flat bell, large. “Do” note, minor octave.

Weight: 300 kg;

Size (TхWхH): 30 х 1000 х 1300 mm;

Material: special brass.

Ornamentation (etching and engraving) is not included. Flat bell is provided plain, matted. If necessary, ornamentation can be ordered separately (example on a photo). For additional fee the bell can be polished to a mirror state.

Patents and certificates
Our clients
St. Nicholas Church of St. Nicholas Monastery
Church of All Saints, Moscow
Temple of Saints Athanasius and Cyril of Alexandria
Church of St. John the Evangelist, Moscow
Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian in Shubin, Moscow
Temple Alexis at 5 City Hospital, Moscow
Trinity Temple Zhivonochalnoy, Moscow
Church of St. Nicholas in Klёnnikah, Moscow
Ruslan, Etnoworld

Culture and recreation center “Etnoworld” thanks Zhicharev A.I. for his help in organizing and conducting of the opening of the etnoyard "Belarus and Ukraine".

Oleg, the Temple of Alexander Nevskiy

Thank you for your assistance to the holy Temple of Alexander Nevskiy. Holy Church prays for you and your kin.

Rajan, India

Beautiful sounds, rich, resonating, almost curative – it’s a meditation with sound.

Anand, India

It felt like I was wandering a magical realm… The state of peace and quiet, born from the sound of this unique instrument, fills me up with a feeling of spiritual happiness.

Ramanarajan, India

This is a way to express yourself. The more you express with the bells, the clearer the path becomes. It is like an invitation to the unknown.

Pierre, France

Omm, the vibes of the heart. This an instrument for self-comprehensioning. These mystical sounds bring a harmony to the soul.

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15 year
Proper hammers
and plexors
in a package

Save money


Reduce load on the bell tower

Don't break or crack during frost and from strong shocks



Benefit for health

Simplify the process of ringers training

Promotes spiritual and physical progress of children and adults

How this works

2. Discussing
the terms

3. Signing
an agreement

4. Payment

5. Manufacturing
45-60 days

6. Delivery

7. Installation


Bell master, ringer and musician, creator of famed Kolomenskoe flat bells, lead member of our projects. Ou can learn more about him on…


Music teacher


Project manager. Had a career as an engineer, IT-project lead, now a director of the “Animaware” company.


Musician, member of the Osipov’s Folk Orchestra

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Flat bells origins

The Trinity in sound To Alexander Zhicharev’s anniversary From the times long past, skilled...

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